"Folklore of Student Life" holds the accumulated wisdom and wit of several IU undergraduate classes and of a good many IU undergraduates, all focused upon the folklore -- those shared avenues of creativity and expression -- that is part of the college experience at Indiana University. This website is a joint production of Prof John McDowell and his students in a number of undergraduate classes spanning the years 2005-2014.



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See video of an encounter with Dorson's ghost!

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Using the buttons on the right, you can help yourself to a serving of your favorite fare. For each variety, there are three categories -- archival, taken from the collections in the IU Folklore Archives; ethnographic, recorded directly from observations and interviews with members of the student community; and cybernetic, drawn from the channels of online communication.  


Please note that we do not endorse the content of this material, but rather present it as a true and honest reflection of student lore at Indiana University. Due to the explicit character of some material, viewer discretion is advisable.


I offer a heart-felt word of thanks to Susan Henning-Harris, our web consultant, and to Trevor Blank and Rachel Gonzalez, graduate student helpers -- your ideas and efforts are deeply appreciated!



January 2015


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Prof McDowell at the board, in the 2008 F351



Prof McDowell (center) with Lindsey H and Seo,

from the 2005 F351, evaluating materials for website.



 Alert students in 2008's F351



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